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Premium Buy Frontosa for Sale We have Frontosa for sale that you can raise up like the one in the picture above. High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door.

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5 Red Frontosa Fry 1 to 15 delta air cargo pickup only airport.

Red frontosa cichlid for sale. We have different size frontosa for sale at our online store. Perspicax was 20 HALF PRICE. Above a 7 long male below a 5 long male.

But now they live in aquariums all over the world. I can sell them this cheap because my big guys just keep mating so I can. 3x Red and 3x blue Frontosa from 7 to 10 60 each or 250 for all 6 if interested text me at 587-877-6718.

5 frontosa between 4 and 6 inches priced to sell 25 each or 5 for 100. Frontosa Cichlid approximately 12-14 inches in on offer is an adult male frontosa approx 7inches in length. Select options Sveni Eartheater Rio Parana Locale 1499 8999 Select options Wild Oscar Rio Caqueta Locale 1099 1499 Select options Red Head Tapajos Eartheater 1099 1299 Select options 6999.

Login Category Lake Malawi Aulonacara Small Sized 15-2 Unsexed Medium Sized 2. 6 Bar Frontosa 5-6cm was 35 NOW 4 for 100 Kribensis Cichlid was 15 SPECIAL 5ea Lombardoi Cichlid was 20 HALF PRICE 10 Saulosi Cichlid was 20 HALF PRICE 10 Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus was 20 HALF PRICE 10 sp. Found this beautiful picture on line.

Nicolsi mouthbrooder 8ea Kribensis 5ea Assorted Platties juveniles 050ea adult 150ea Brown Bristle nose adult 2xm 1xf 750ea Juvenile 3ea Super Red Bristlenose sub adult 15ea Red Devil A. Just thought that Id share it with everyone. 2-3 Albino Red Oscar Cichlid.

Frontosa cichlid for sale Clear all. I have approx 22 Burundi Frontosa for sale 500 each. Our selection of Frontosa feature a white or pale blue body with six and maybe seven vertical stripes.

Raised in London tap water. Looks just like mine this ones just a bit younger. This is not my frontosa.

SALE Freshwater Fish Adult Clownfish Pairs at WTFISH. Overnight shipping on all orders. Tropical fish Angels Betta Platties Pleco Cichlid.

Will sell 5 or 10 at a time. They range in size from 12 to 1 inch. Red Frontosa for sale Quinns Fins Live African Cichlids Home FAQ Blog My Account Contact Us Testimonials Shopping Bag Hello Guest.

Also they should be pretty black by now that brown should. 2-3 Red Head Synspilum Cichlid. Red Zebras are Mbunas which is a large family of Cichlid fish that originally lived only in Lake Malawi in East Africa.

Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. 2745 Premium Quality 6-Striped Cyphotilapia Frontosa Cichlid Pictures. Get the best deals on aquarium Frontosa Fish when you shop the largest online selection from California Cichlids.

The Frontosa Cichlid is one of the more popular and larger African Cichlids and grows to be 12 to 14 inches with some getting as large as 16 inches. 86 Government Labour Colony Phagwara – 144401 Dist. As these fish age their fins become longer and more elaborate and the blue tint is more visible.

Red Sun Peacock Aulonocara African Cichlid From 1199 Red Top Lwanda Peacock Aulonocara African Cichlid From 1199 Reuben Peacock Ruby Aulonocara African Cichlid From 1199 From 1399 Species 35 1199. Frontosa Cichlid Fish We are deal in this Frontosa Cichlid Fish Akshita Aquariums Government Labour Colony Phagwara Dist. Tropical fish for sale.

Check out our SPECIALS on. Since The 90s Breeding African Cichlids. Frontosa cichlid inches need bring bucket container.

Would like them to be sold all together. There are several species of Mbunas for sale in this store. Notify me before the end of the auction.

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