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A unique form of Nepenthes ampullaria known for its unusually dark pitchers coloration as well as bizarre black coloration the leaves. Low prices fast shipping great customer service.

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For general cultivation information.

Nepenthes ampullaria for sale. Nepenthes Bill Bailey BE3820 is a creation of Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka. It comes in all color combinations and sizes and we at Carnivero have 40 different clones in our collection. A very rare Borneo Exotics Nepenthes ampullaria BE-3450 medium sized plant from 750- 800m.

End to end diameter is more than 7 cm wide and pitcher size is at least 3cm tall. Healthy plants good communication and fast shipping. The plant is vigorous growing Nepenthes which pitchers very easily.

Like other ampullaria it is very responsive to different light. Spathulata sold under BE. We believe it is a girl.

Nepenthes rafflesiana x ampullaria west of Jale Johor Malaysia 4-10 cm Minimum Order Qty is 1 Our Price. Species can be found from the steamest lowland jungles to the most frigid tropical mountaintops which see frost on a regular basis. Carnivorous plants from Borneo Exotics and Wistuba Nursery Cephalotus Drosera Utricularia Dionaea.

Nepenthes spathulata x ampullaria -BE-4050 for sale. There are over 100 spp and many thousands of hybrids. Ampullaria Black Miracle – N.

Nepenthes hybrids are created when two species of the same genus are bred together. Leilani Nepenthes Nursery We offer a wide selection of Nepenthes for sale. Tropical Pitcher Plants Nepenthes are primarily native to Southeast Asia.

The hybrids we sell are selectively bred for size color and ease of growing. The pitchers are dark red with the interior being white to light. FREE shipping on orders over 100 HELP We need name suggestions on what to call our new turkey.

Buy Nepenthes Carnivorous Plants and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay. Rated 500 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings. There are roughly 180 species with many recently discovered in the 20th century.

The natural range extends from India to Northern Australia as well as the Seychelles and Madagascar with the greatest concentration being found on the island of Borneo. Nepenthes are tropical pitcher plants found predominantly in Southeast Asia. See our Nepenthes care guide for general cultivation information.

7 customer reviews 2500 3000. Nepenthes Bill Bailey BE3820. A genus of tropical vines producing a wide assortment of urns hanging from the leaf tips.

Nepenthes ampullaria are known for their distinct shape and ability to grow basal pitchers. Our catalog consists of our own in-house creations as well as stock from the worlds leading. This lowland tropical pitcher plant is truly something special.

It has an amazing reversal of colour with red leaves and cream coloured Pitcher with flecks of red. Ampullaria produces small oblong squat ground pitchers in numerous colorful. Jeremiah Harris and Sam Estes have partnered in an effort to make available all of our products to the.

One of our favorites is Lime. A great substitute for your crave for Black Miracle. The female parent is a selected clone of Nepenthes ampullaria Brunei Red formerly sold as CR-23 and with Collection ID 1235.

FREE shipping on orders over 100 The female parent is the selected clone of N. We specialize in tropical warm-loving Nepenthes for sale. Ampullaria dark spotted for sale.

They grow anywhere from hot sticky jungles to cool montane forests high above the clouds. Highland and lowland Nepenthes. We specialize in tropical warm-loving Nepenthes for sale.

Nepenthes ampullaria is a classic lowland species occurring throughout Indonesia Malaysia Brunei and Papua New Guinea. Great Savings Free Delivery Collection on many items Vanish Gold Oxi Action Carpet Cleaner Upholstery Stain Odour Remover Spray 500ml. They prefer lowland conditions that are damp and shady.

Nepenthes ampullaria x campanulata BE 3840 4500 First introduced Nov 2019 by Borneo Exotics. This plant is limited and a very good size not a small plant at all. Easy to grow beginner plants and rare unique species.

The offspring show traits from both parents and they are usually easier to grow. Nepenthes ampullaria for sale Carnivorous plants for sale Canada One of my favorites. Rare beautiful Nepenthes for sale.

1600 Nepenthes reinwardtiana lowland 3-6 cm Minimum Order Qty is 1 Our Price. These fascinating carnivorous plants have evolved a way to lure capture and digest prey. We are happy to answer any questions.

This Nepenthes plant is a Hybrid of multiple species. 1500 Minimum Order. To say Nepenthes ampullaria is unique among a sea of unique Nepenthes would be an understatement.

Weve had these for about 6 months and have found them to be easy growers. Nepenthes Pitcher Plants Sarracenia North American Pitcher Plants Drosera Sundews Dionaea Venus Flytraps Pinguicula Butterworts Carnivorous Plants Hoya and Orchids For Sale.

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