Best Powder For Reloading 45 Long Colt

HP-38231 are the same powder under different names. Its shaped like a.

45 Long Colt Why Is The Ol Cowboy Cartridge Still With Us

There are also demands for a strong45 Colt for field use.

Best powder for reloading 45 long colt. Using bullets from JMHP LRN L. Elmer Keith used 2400 for heavy loads. The Buffalo Bore 255-grain SWC breaks at over 1000 fps from my personal Colt SAA.

They are rated for the 45 colt but not the Ruger only loads. Other powders that work well for the 45 Colt for non-magnum loads other. The performance level is pretty close to the.

I also have been having good luck lately with 100 grains of HS. For decades it was THE ONLY POWDER even listed in many manuals. Or perhaps 2400 works better in a longer barrel that keeps the powder burning.

Unique is the powder I think of when ever someone asks for a powder for the 45 colt. The unburned powder probably indicates that slower-burning powder doesnt work well in your particular gun. This is a powerful and often brilliantly accurate number.

The size of the 45 Colt cartridge helps to make it an easy one to reload. If you use it for light loads you will not get a consistent powder burn. SWC – 96 grains Unique Lyman.

With Accurates 5744 the speeds with 170 were 853 fps UP and 802 DOWN but spreads were much better at 45 fps and 166 fps respectively. So both the up and down positions were closer in speeds and the spreads were noticeably closer. Lee 452-200-RF 200 gr.

Reloading The 45 Colt is a great choice for reloading. In recent years a couple of the smaller ammunition companies have introduced high pressure45 Colt factory loads intended only for use in extra strong modern guns. Here is what Lyman 4 has to say on 45 Colt maximum Unique standard pressure loads.

I like Starline and I have used it for 45 LC as well as. Max load for a 225 grain jacketed. I like W231HP-38 best for the 45 Colt.

This is a great all purpose load for the45 Colt. Getting low and am thinking of trying. Universal is an excellent powder for the 45 Colt with 80 grains under a 250-grain bullet duplicating the old black powder load.

I have used 65 grains of Winchester 231 powder. Echo Kindle Fire TV Amazon Fresh Amazon Basics Prime Video. The cylinder walls of the Judge are thin.

I would conclude this powder is much more consistent in speeds than others that I have tried in the45 Colt. The cartridge can be easily inspected along every step of the reloading. The powder looks different.

Win 296 or H110 IMR 4227 or H-4227. Perhaps the best known of these.

That would include the 45 colt and the 30-30 rifle cartridge. It will cost more up front but then you will have it longer and your loads will be more consistant. 43 行 45 Colt Alliant Data reloading data with 21 loads.

45 long colt Start with quality new brass. For heavy bullets and for jacketed bullets HS-6 works very well for me. Trail Boss was developed for use in cartridges originally designed for black powder use.

– 94 grains Unique Lyman 452460 200 gr. That is a Lyman 452424 250 gr.

John Linebaugh is partial to WW-296 and H-110 for upscale loads in the45 Colt revolvers I think a somewhat slower burning powder that has a wider workable pressure range would be more. Alliant Powder does not recommend 2400 for the45 Colt. SWC mine is from an NOE mold ahead of 85 grs.

It is for magnum loads. In general there are numerous powders that work well in the45 Colt For Tier 3 up to 32000 psi Ruger Only loads there are four commonly used powders.

I hand load 45 long Colt and have been using Unique brand pistol powder the last 2 years in my Ruger Super Redhawk with 200 and 250 gr.

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